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■ Useful Information Magazine in U.S. “Pavilion”
Pavilion is a free magazine in Japanese Language.
Every month, we publish constructive and useful information to people in Mid-America Region (Midwest, South, and Southeast). The contents include law, finances, real estates, and medical information, that are helpful and yet hard to obtain elsewhere. With effort from all Professionals, we provide essential information to our readers. Our mission, as a public media, is to create a liaison between people and businesses in the communities.


■ Readers
●Resident/ Long Term -50%
●Permanent Resident -20%
●Students -20%
●Business Trip/
Short Term -5%
●Visitors/ Others –5%

■ Publisher Information
●Issue Name: Pavilion
●Issue Date: 1st day of every
●Readers (Estimates): 25000
●Specification: Letter size
●Pages: 32-40pages

■ Contents:
Feature articles: Legal issues (Commercial–company establishment,
contract, Civil litigation, Immigration, and other litigations);
Finances/Investments (Banking, Real Estates, etc);
Local News/events; Career/Human Resources; Classified;
Education; Lesson; Beauty/Health; Medical; Entertainment
(Hollywood Gossip, Movies, Music); Travel/Leisure; Interests;
Gourmet; Trend; Shopping; etc.

■ Press & Inquiries:
(Northwest Illinois Office)
1699 Wall St, Suite210, Mount.Prospect, IL 60056
(Chicago Office)
20 N.Clark St, Suite525, Chicago, IL 60602
new +1-847-305-1615
(Old number +1-847-640-9676 (available until end of May, 2010))

FAX: +1-312-276-8012
Email: info@pavilion-america.com
Skype: (Skype name:Pavilion Skype ID:pavilion-america)

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